Multi-Family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH)

MASH or Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing was facilitated to incentivize the use of solar power in the affordable housing sector of California. The California Solar Initiative (CSI), through the use if Virtual Net Metering offers a special incentive program for these qualifying properties. Landlords and property owners who qualify for the MASH rebate incentives are encouraged to contact our office to see how solar can be a tremendous benefit to you and your tenants.

MASH Program Goals:

  • Stimulate adoption of solar power in the affordable housing sector.
  • Improve energy utilization and overall quality of affordable housing through application of solar and energy efficiency technologies.
  • Decrease electricity use and costs without increasing monthly household expenses for affordable housing building occupants.
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of the benefits of solar among affordable housing occupants and developers.

In Decision 08-10-036, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adopted virtual net metering (VNM) for affordable multifamily housing projects utilizing on-site solar electricity generation to offset tenant loads. VNM will allow the electricity by a single solar installation to be credited to the benefit of multiple tenants in the building without requiring the systems to be physically connected to each tenant's meter.

Prior to this decision, installing solar energy systems to offset tenant loads required multiple systems and inverters for each tenant served. The process of developing the VNM implementation and tariff is ongoing, with the publicly owned utilities presenting their initial proposal at a January 8, 2009 CPUC workshop.

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